Commercial Turf Installation Services

Commercial Turf Installation Services We Offer

Commercial lawns are expensive to maintain and become an eyesore if they aren’t. They also turn into muddy messes after it rains – which certainly does no favors for your property’s curb appeal. Natural grasses are also difficult to cultivate in some commercial settings, limiting what property owners can do to add some natural beauty.

In short, there are numerous limitations and expenses associated with natural grasses – but none of those apply to artificial grasses. If placed by an experienced artificial grass installer, commercial turf installation looks like an immaculate natural yard, without the need for water or regular upkeep maintenance. 

Commercial Turf Applications:
Artificial Grass is a Beautiful, Functional Fit Anywhere

Commercial turf installation is appropriate for an impressive array of properties. It can go just about anywhere, including:

Dog Parks

Common Areas

Pool Areas


Sport Surfacing

Synthetic grass can also be cut and shaped to fit any property, no matter its size or layout. That includes complex curves and spots where natural grass would be impossible to maintain, like on an apartment balcony or around an indoor playground.

Commercial Turf Projects:

Why Commercial Property Owners are Making the Switch to Artificial Grass

The Woodlands and the Greater Houston area is experiencing an uptick in artificial grass demand. This trend is expected to continue, as the reasons for commercial turf installation aren’t going anywhere.

Here’s why so many commercial property owners are making the switch and installing artificial turf:

No watering needed

Synthetic grass requires no water to maintain. The occasional spray down will keep the turf clean, but property owners can expect to cut their water usage dramatically – up to 60 percent or more in some cases. Since the grass doesn’t require regular watering, artificial grass pays for itself over time in the form of lower water bills.

No regular lawn maintenance needed

Another consideration for property owners is reduced labor costs. Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be mowed, trimmed, edged or weeded, so your maintenance teams can spend time on other tasks.

Much more efficient drainage

Modern artificial grasses are permeable and facilitate rapid drainage, especially compared to natural grasses. The turf’s base construction aligns with this goal and helps direct water away from the grass and toward drainage structures. In areas where flooding is a real threat, synthetic grasses can protect your property with proper runoff as artificial grasses drain at a rate of 28 inches per hour, on average.

Looks and feels like natural grass

The first artificial grasses to hit the market weren’t quite natural-looking enough to impress property owners. That limitation has been soundly addressed, as modern synthetic grasses can be made to look and feel like a variety of natural grasses. Our commercial turfs and artificial grass products are the culmination of decades of artificial grass technology. They express a range of natural hues, with the subtle color variations that sell that natural look. They’re made with synthetic thatch, too, which adds bounce, texture, and another layer of natural color. The result is convincing enough for any commercial application, including applications where the grass’s appearance and feel are paramount – like golf courses.

Stays cool

Another issue with early synthetic grasses that’s since been corrected is heat. The first generation of artificial grasses had a tendency to trap and emit heat, but modern turfs no longer suffer from this issue. Instead, they’re designed with heat-reduction features that keep the grass feeling cool and comfortable during hot summer days.

One such feature is Cooling Blade and Backing technology, designed into all of our turf products. Our grasses are made with UV-reflective color pigments that inhibit the UV-to-heat process. The result is impressive, with a 17-degree reduction in surface temperatures, on average.

If your company works with professional turf installers to place artificial grass, the turf will last for years and provide excellent value during that time. No water, low maintenance and a pristine look in all seasons? It’s a compelling argument for the installation of artificial turf. 

How the Professionals Install Commercial Artificial Turf

Artificial turf can be used just about anywhere, but how do professionals like EZ Turf install it? The process looks like this:

  • The project site is cleared of all vegetation, down to the roots. Place a geo-membrane weed fabric over the subgrade to prevent vegetation from growing back through the turf.
  • Create a drainage-friendly slope (or grade) that will keep water from pooling on the turf.
  • Install base materials and compact them to ensure stability and load bearing capacity.
  • Measure out the project area and cut the turf to fit.
  • Lay out the turf and cut it to the project’s exact dimensions, including curves.
  • Anchor the turf to the base materials using Vertedge with Vertedge adhesive or a bender board and a nail gun. Seaming tape with Turf Ahdesive is used to join one section of turf to the next.
  • Tuck and anchor the turf’s edges. EZ Turf uses VertEdge to handle this part of the process.
  • Add infill to the turf, typically a sand or odor-absorbing compound (which is ideal for pet owners).
  • Brush the turf to ensure uniform infill distribution.

This process requires considerable expertise and manpower, especially for large-scale commercial jobs. That’s what experienced artificial grass installers like EZ Turf bring to the job, along with modern installation techniques. 

With VertEdge Technology, Professional Turf Installers Can Guarantee a Safe and Secure Install

VertEdge technology is ideal to secure the turf’s perimeter. If the artificial grass isn’t well anchored along the edges it may curl up and cause a tripping hazard.

To avoid this, EZ Turf completes every installation using the VertEdge system. VertEdge acts like a perimeter support frame for the turf, and it also allows installers to create precise curves by making a few simple relief cuts.

The biggest benefit of VertEdge is how it can be used to tightly anchor the turf’s perimeter. During our commercial turf installations, a non-toxic, pet-safe and child-safe adhesive is applied to the top end of the VertEdge frame. The synthetic grass is then rolled over the frame and anchored using the adhesive. The result is a clean and neat fit that will keep the turf in place.   

The EZ Turf Team is Ready to Make Your Commercial Artificial Turf Installation a Breeze

With water demands on the rise, along with the cost of water use, artificial grasses are the future of commercial lawns. They’re safe for children and pets, feel like lush natural grasses, look their best year-round, and require almost zero upkeep to maintain.

If those sound like high-value benefits for your commercial property, the turf experts at EZ Turf can assist your business in making the switch to artificial grass. That includes planning out the project, sourcing the highest quality turf, installing it with best practices and providing the occasional round of maintenance to protect its quality. In short, we’re the go-to team for everything turf.