Artificial Lawn Installation in The Woodlands

Turf Installation Services For Lawns In The Woodlands

Artificial grass is a versatile alternative to natural turf that can be used as residential lawns of any shape or size. Artificial turf closely mimics the look and feel of natural grasses, and the technology behind synthetic turf is improving all the time.

Thousands of residential property owners make the switch to artificial lawns every year. Artificial lawns are a perfect option for any type of residential home.

Artificial lawns can be used anywhere, and there are several reasons why more property owners are making the switch from natural grasses to artificial. 

Why Homeowners In The Woodlands Choose Professionals to Install Artificial Lawns

Some property owners attempt to install their artificial lawn without professional assistance, and most regret it as the process needs professional installation for the best results. Although the artificial grass installation process may seem straightforward, it takes expert-level precision to get the best benefits and a long-lasting product. Here’s why every property owner benefits from working with a professional artificial lawn installer:

  • Mistakes are costly – There are many ways to botch a turf installation job. Sloppy cuts or seams, insufficient anchoring, poor base preparation, or low-quality materials will force an expensive redo. Plenty of time will be lost in the redo process as well.

    Expert lawn installers don’t make project and budget-ruining mistakes, so the job will be finished on time with the best results.

  • It’s a big, time-consuming job – Installing an artificial lawn is a multi-step process that takes a team to efficiently complete. Cutting the turf to fit is just one part of the task. There’s also base preparation, laying the weed barrier, seaming, anchoring, infilling, and finishing to account for.

    An expert artificial lawn installer can manage most residential projects in a single day.

  • Specialized tools and products are needed – Expert turf installers source their artificial grasses from quality manufacturers and can therefore ensure quality results. They also have project-specific tools and hardware designed for use with artificial turf installation. These specialized materials ensure expert-level precision.

  • Guaranteed, warrantied work – Professional artificial lawn installers stand by their work and will warranty it for long-term peace of mind.

Seven Benefits of Artificial Lawns for Residential Properties

If you own a residential property in The Woodlands, there are several reasons to consider artificial lawns, including:

  1. Artificial lawns require less maintenance – Artificial lawns aren’t maintenance-free, but they don’t require the extensive upkeep that natural grasses demand. In general, an occasional rinse and spot stain treatment is all an artificial lawn will need. You may need to brush high-traffic areas every once and a while to maintain the lawn’s appearance.

    Compare this to natural lawns which require weekly mowing, edging and weed eating, along with plenty of watering. The Gulf Coast’s hot, humid climate causes exponential growth every summer, which is a lot for homeowners to keep up with. With an artificial lawn, property owners drastically reduce the time and effort they put into their yard.

  2. Artificial lawns require much less water – Artificial lawns don’t require constant watering to remain lush, so property owners will save money on their utilities. In fact, the Synthetic Turf Council estimates that an artificial lawn just 1,000 square feet in area will save about 50,000 gallons of water every year. That’s hundreds of dollars every year in potential savings, and those savings will be much more for large residential property owners.

  3. Artificial lawns offer superior drainage capabilities – Artificial lawns are engineered with a porous design that allows for maximum drainage. The advantage here over natural grass is stark, as high-quality synthetic grasses can drain 30+ inches of water every hour. Your property’s base and slope also factor in, but the point is that artificial lawns are much better suited to flood-prone regions like southeast Texas.

  4. Artificial lawns provide excellent feel and “bounce” characteristics – Modern synthetic turf is designed to be as close to natural grass in texture and softness as possible. This not only improves the lawn’s appearance, but its safety as well.

    In fact, quality artificial grasses are certified by ASTM International and the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) for playground use because they absorb shock like natural grass. This reduces the likelihood of severe injuries due to falls or trips.

  5. Artificial lawns resist allergens, weeds and pests – Artificial lawns repel pests and resist microbial growth, including bacteria. Applying a mold inhibitor a couple times annually will eliminate any potential allergens from the artificial turf.

    Professional installers also lay down a weed barrier on the property’s base before installing synthetic turf. This keeps unwanted vegetation from growing back and interfering with the turf’s look or function.

  6. Artificial lawns always look immaculate – Artificial lawns stay green no matter the season, the climate, or the setting. High quality turfs are also made with a thatch layer that mimics the look and feel of natural thatch – which is the mat of dead grass common to natural lawns. It’s a convincing effect for those that want their turf to be as natural looking as possible.

  7. Artificial lawns are convenient for pet owners – Artificial lawns are extremely popular for pets, especially dog owners, as dogs can be trained to use synthetic turf like natural grass. Many apartment owners advertise their artificial turf as an amenity, often in a gated area specifically for dogs to exercise and do their business.  

Artificial Lawn Installers Can Plan, Design and Install Any Residential Lawn Project

Artificial lawns are easy to take care of, require no watering, drain quickly, provide a natural-like look and feel and can add value to your residential property. There is a lot to like, but those benefits are only guaranteed if your turf is professionally installed by a turf installation company. Expert turf installers have the experience, knowledge, tools, and materials to ensure your residential project is a success, no matter its scale.