Putting Green Turf Installation The Woodlands

Turf Installation For Commercial Putting Greens In The Woodlands

Artificial grasses are a low-maintenance option for commercial putting greens and offer several advantages over natural grass. High quality grasses also play pure and provide the bounce and roll that golfers expect.

Artificial turf can be installed at-scale, covering thousands of square feet and putting greens of any size. With their versatility, artificial grasses can be used with everything from professional courses to miniature golf courses.

Get a Professional Look with Expert Turf Installation

Together, the turf installation experts at EZ Turf The Woodlands have decades of experience in installing and maintaining commercial putting green turf. We use this experience to ensure every project is designed and executed to precision – and you’ll see the difference.

It’s tempting to self-install artificial grasses, but this isn’t practical for commercial projects. By partnering with the professionals, business owners can make sure their putting greens will be:

Made with high quality artificial grasses

Professional turf installers source their grasses from reputable manufacturers. These are high quality turfs that are backed by an extended warranty and designed to optimize play on your putting greens. They are also designed with leading turf features, such as UV inhibitors for better color preservation. 

Cut and shaped to perfection

Professional putting green installers can take any putting green design and bring it into reality – no matter its shape or size. DIYers often have trouble with this part of the job, as precise measuring and cutting are necessary to get a clean, streamlined fit. Otherwise, there may be wrinkles and ragged edges that will be instantly noticeable to players and may pose a tripping hazard.

Properly padded and anchored

Artificial grasses are underlaid with padding that adds comfort and supports ideal bounce and roll. Professional turf installers can source quality padding materials and ensure they are properly placed. And once the grass is installed, it must be anchored to keep it in place. Anchoring is done with specialized tools and hardware that are difficult to handle for inexperienced installers. With an experienced crew installing and anchoring your putting greens, they won’t shift due to play or weather.

Level for consistent play

When lining up a putt, there’s nothing worse than a bumpy green. If your putting greens aren’t professionally installed, there’s a good chance that they will have flaws that make consistent play impossible.

Professional putting green turf installers guarantee a level install and verify it using precision measurement tools, including laser levels.

Designed to last

High quality turf is made to last, but even the highest quality turfs will fail early if they are not properly installed. With an expert team doing the installing, your putting greens won’t be suddenly compromised by extreme weather or high traffic play. With professional turf installation services your commercial property will get maximum value from its new artificial grasses.

By working with a proven installer like EZ Turf The Woodlands, you’ll have access to the highest quality products and best installation practices. This will ensure your artificial grass provides long-term value to your property.

Five Advantages of Artificial Turf for Commercial Putting Greens

Artificial grass manufacturers have worked for decades to create better products for sports surfaces – including golf courses and putting greens. Modern turfs are the culmination of this process, offering several advantages over natural grasses. The advantages include:

Reduced Maintenance

Artificial grasses don’t grow, so they don’t need to be mowed, edged or fertilized. Your business can save thousands in maintenance costs alone, as you’ll need fewer landscapers to maintain your grounds.

Properties can achieve additional savings with reduced water consumption. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, properties can save more than 50,000 gallons of water every year for every 1,000 square feet of natural turf they replace with artificial grass. In some cases, this could represent thousands more in annual savings.

Superior Drainage

Drainage is a concern with some natural soils, such as clay-rich soils that soak up rain and hold onto it. Golf courses that sit on slow-draining soils may be impossible to play on for several days following heavy downpours.

Artificial grasses are designed to drain extremely fast, with a porous structure that permits water to pass through instantly.

So how fast does artificial turf drain? It depends on the product, but there are artificial grasses that can drain 30 inches of rain or more. This far exceeds what natural turf is capable of and can keep your putting greens dry and ready for play.

Durability and Longevity

Early-generation turfs were fragile compared to today’s options, which are built to hold up under heavy duty traffic. For putting greens, this means the turf bounces back when it is stomped on and is able to withstand full-force swings.

This enhanced durability means you can expect 5-10 years of reliable performance from your artificial putting greens. Reputable manufacturers also back their products up with an extended warranty.

Fully Customizable

Synthetic grass can be endlessly shaped to fit any curve or angle. If you have a complex or unique design that would be difficult to pull off with natural grasses, artificial turf will provide the flexibility that you’re looking for.

Crisp Look That Never Fades

Artificial turf is designed to look lush year-round, like a perfectly manicured lawn. Modern artificial grasses are also designed to mimic the visual and tactile texture of natural grasses. They are layered with thatch to give the turf that convincing weathered appearance, along with a convincing texture underfoot.

Aesthetics matter for golf courses, as they are called putting “greens” for a reason. With artificial grasses, you’ll have the aesthetic advantage.

If you’re interested in a new putting green installation on your property, artificial grasses combine excellent quality with cost effectiveness. To get the professional-level finish that your players will appreciate, bring in the putting green turf professionals to handle the synthetic turf installation.

Artificial Turf Will Ensure Your Putting Greens are Ready for Action

Synthetic turfs play like natural surfaces, look vibrant during all seasons, and last for years if professionally installed. They’re an ideal fit for putting greens, but to get the best return on your investment, consider working with an expert turf installer like EZ Turf The Woodlands. Our team has installed a variety of commercial putting greens of all sizes and shapes. If you’re ready to make the switch to longer lasting, low maintenance putting greens, our team is ready to help.