Residential Turf Installation Services

Residential Turf Installation Services We Offer

In The Woodlands, homeowners desire a yard that always looks its best, without the associated maintenance. That may sound impossible, but it’s not with high quality artificial grass, and when it’s installed by high quality synthetic grass installers, the end result is something to smile about.

Our turf installation services can be customized to fit any residential property, no matter its size, design, or intended purpose. Need a small dog run that never yellows? Artificial grass is perfect. Need to cover an entire acre in lush landscaping, perfect for large family gatherings? Artificial turf is your best bet. 

Residential Turf Installation Services: What’s Included

Professional turf installation saves homeowners a lot of time and effort. Hiring an expert also ensures a quality job and will maximize your turf’s life.

During placement, the EZ Turf installation team will do the following:

  • Clear the project area down to the roots and place a geo-membrane fabric that will prevent weeds from growing through the turf.
  • Create a rough grade with a slope that will facilitate drainage.
  • Install base materials that provide the desired stability and comfort.
  • Compact the base to ensure the turf has a level surface to rest on.
  • Cut and shape the turf to fit the project area perfectly. A clear sign of professional work is a clean edge.
  • Secure the turf to the base with anchoring hardware.
  • Tuck the edges in around the perimeter.
  • Add infill to the turf, usually sand or a pet-friendly filler. Pet-friendly fillers absorb pet odors and keep the grass smelling fresh.
  • Groom the turf to ensure a uniform appearance and uniform infill distribution.

This process can be used with any type of synthetic grass project, including backyards, front yards, pool areas, pet areas (like dog runs), playgrounds – even some balconies or roofs.

Installing artificial grass takes a lot of work and expertise, but as labor-intensive as the job is, we don’t cut corners when placing turf. High quality work looks sharper, and you won’t even notice the seams. Likewise, if the artificial grass isn’t cut, shaped, stapled, tucked, and groomed just right, it will be obvious. That’s one reason why more homeowners choose to work with the turf experts.  

Another reason? Professional turf installers can also provide occasional maintenance, which is usually recommended once a year. This involves a thorough cleaning (using non-toxic solutions) and grooming. With regular maintenance, your turf will last longer and look its best.

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Modern Artificial Grasses are Packed with Value-Adding

Professional turf installation ensures a quality job, but why are more homeowners considering synthetic grasses to begin with?

Artificial grasses have come a long way since the early Astroturf days. They look better, feel better and last longer. In short, they offer a lot of value to homeowners. Here’s everything that homeowners like about modern artificial grasses:

  • They’re available in a variety of natural (and not so natural) colors – Current turf options run the gamut in color and texture. Most are designed to look like natural grass, with rich greens that appear lush year-round, and with no watering necessary. Most are also made with thatch to complete the natural look and provide additional texture. High quality turfs are also made with UV-inhibitors and color stabilizers that prevent the grass from fading. Years after installation, your turf will still look brand new.
  • They require zero regular maintenance – Artificial turf needs no regular maintenance. That means no need to mow the lawn twice a week to keep up with that Houston overgrowth. The only maintenance that turf requires is the occasional cleaning, which is usually recommended every 1-2 months, depending on how much traffic the yard receives.
  • They also require zero watering – Synthetic grass obviously doesn’t need water as it doesn’t grow. You might spray down the turf briefly on a hot day to cool it down or clean it, but that’s nothing compared to the thousands of gallons every year needed to maintain living grass. Switching to turf offers instant cost-saving benefits in the form of lower water bills. Saving on water can return a significant portion of the project’s initial cost over time.
  • They drain with excellent efficiency – Turf doesn’t need water, but it’s always ready for The Woodlands’ and the Houston-area’s rains. Artificial grass is designed to be permeable, so it drains extremely fast – at the rate of 28 inches of water per hour. 
  • They’re designed to stay cooler – High quality grasses are made with reflective and UV-inhibitor color pigments – an upgrade over older forms of turf. Less of the sun’s energy is absorbed, as a result, and that means less heat. Compared to older turf options, newer grasses are cooler by a margin of 15 or more degrees. That’s a difference you can feel.
  • They can absorb contact better – Modern artificial grasses are designed to withstand shock down to their base, so they bounce back (literally) when people walk or jump on them. High quality turf is also rated for playground use, partly due to the shock-absorbing capabilities. The little ones can play freely and safely with artificial grass in place.

There are many reasons why Houston homeowners are switching to artificial turf. If you’re ready to join them, the EZ Turf team is ready to help!

Ready to Upgrade Your Yard? Turn To The Woodlands’ and Houston’s Turf Experts

EZ Turf is a family-owned company, with years of experience installing and maintaining artificial grass. Our detailed-oriented, expert artificial turf installation team has worked on residential projects of all scopes and sizes, and we’re ready to add yours to our list of successful jobs.

Tired of wasting money, water, and time on a yard with minimal curb appeal? Turn to the turf professionals and begin reaping the benefits of artificial grass.