Apartment Complex Turf Installation In The Woodlands

Turf Installation For Apartment Complexes In The Woodlands

Artificial turf is a cost effective and convincing way to add green space and value to an apartment complex. In a multi-family residential setting, artificial grass can be used in the following applications:

  • Dog runs and pet spaces
  • Running tracks
  • Sports fields
  • Putting greens
  • Playgrounds
  • Landscaped and patio areas

Residents value green space, but the challenge for property owners can be establishing those areas when adequate sunlight and irrigation may be difficult to come by. If this is the case for your property, synthetic grasses are a viable alternative that look and feel like natural grass, without the need for sunlight and regular watering.

If properly planned out, designed, and installed, property owners can even advertise artificial turf as a community amenity and attract additional tenants.

Six Benefits of Artificial Turf for Apartment Communities

In many settings, natural grasses just aren’t possible. If this is the case for your apartment complex, here are some ways that artificial turf can serve as a superior alternative:

Low maintenance design

Artificial turf is designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. Artificial grass doesn’t require watering, mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, or fertilizing. Maintaining turf’s appearance requires minimal effort, which means it’s easier to keep your property in pristine condition. Artificial turf will need the occasional brooming and rinse to keep looking its best, but the overall maintenance requires much less in terms of time and money.

Saves money on water and landscaping

Since artificial grasses do not require regular lawn maintenance or irrigation, apartment complexes can save a lot of money on water usage and landscaping services. Every property is different, so it’s impossible to calculate exact savings without inspecting your property first, but the Synthetic Turf Council estimates that properties can save about 100,000 gallons of water every year for every 1,800 square feet of artificial grass. For apartment complexes that feature large areas of natural grass, the savings can be quite considerable. 

Provides a natural-like feel and appearance

Modern artificial grasses are the culmination of decades’ worth of material research. Early turfs were noticeably synthetic, but that’s no longer the case with current generation turf products. Now, artificial grasses are engineered to look and feel like natural grasses, with a bouncy thatch layer that provides textural and color depth. The grass blades sit like natural blades, they reflect light like natural grass, and they can be underlaid for additional shock resistance – so they bounce like natural grass as well.

Drains water extremely fast

To unlock artificial turf’s fast drainage potential, the project site will need to be properly prepared, and the right materials must be used to underlay the turf. If this is done by professional turf installers, artificial grasses can drain more than 30 inches of water every hour. This is especially beneficial in Houston as wet weather is a given.

Doesn't attract pests or allergens

Artificial turf doesn’t accommodate weeds, insects, or other pests, reducing the allergen load on your residents, their children, and their pets.

Boosts your apartment's curb appeal

Both current and potential renters are attracted to green spaces. Luxury apartments and apartments in urban areas need green spaces to stand out. Artificial grasses provide a much-needed curb appeal boost in this regard, helping your apartment community attract new residents and retain the tenants it already has.

How Professional Turf Installation Services Can Add Value to any Artificial Turf Project

If you’re considering artificial grass for your apartment building, consider professional turf installation services as well. Property owners can optimize their new turf’s value by working with the experts. Here are some of the advantages of profession turf installation:

Expert turf installers can avoid costly mistakes

There are more than a dozen steps involved in every turf installation project. That’s more than a dozen steps that must be executed flawlessly, or the job may come to a halt. There is always the temptation to cut corners on cost, but if this results in a major mistake, the job will end up costing more (and taking more time) in the end.

The professionals are trained and experienced in the best turf installation practices, so they don’t make the kind of mistakes that can prolong a project or exceed the budget.

Artificial turf experts provide high quality work

There is little room for error when shaping and installing artificial turf. If the work is done by an inexperienced crew, it will show. If your apartment complex wants its turf to make a strong visual statement, then you’ll want a professional to execute the cuts and seams for the best results.

The experts have the right tools and materials for the job

Artificial turfs are installed using a specialized set of tools and materials, such as turf nails and unique seaming tools. The professionals have access to these tools and the highest quality turf products. With an expert installer, you know you’re getting a high-quality turf job using quality materials.

The experts can guarantee their work

Reputable turf installers in The Woodlands expect their work to last for at least a decade before the turf needs to be replaced. Apartment owners can typically get a warranty on their new artificial grass, ensuring their investment is protected for years to come.

Artificial Turf is Ideal for Dog Parks, Playgrounds and Green Spaces for Apartment Complexes

Artificial turf adds value to apartment buildings by improving the community’s appearance, providing play spaces for children and pets, reducing maintenance costs, and improving drainage. Given its cost-saving benefits, apartment owners can realize a quick return on their turf investment – typically within a couple of years if it’s installed by a reputable professional. Few property investments offer this kind of quick return, and with an experienced artificial turf company in The Woodlands sourcing your artificial grass, you’ll get a turf solution that will make a lasting impression for both current and potential tenants.