Why Artificial Grass is Ideal for Children and Pets

Artificial grass is ideal for children and pets because it offers the following benefits:

  • A shock-absorbing surface that protects against injury
  • A lead and heavy metal-free design
  • Reduced need of maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduced pest and allergen presence
  • Installation and design versatility

Put together, these benefits make for a superior play surface for children and pets. If you’re considering synthetic grass for your property, here is why many other property owners are considering the same:

1) Artificial Grass is Designed for Active, High-Energy Play

Synthetic grass manufacturers have steadily improved the play characteristics of turf over time. Modern turfs are made to look and feel like natural grasses, so they invite play. More importantly, though, artificial grasses are installed with a shock-absorbing underlayment that rests under the turf’s surface. This padded layer is invisible and lasts as long as the turf itself does.

Modern artificial turf has also undergone extensive testing among industry and consumer organizations. Two of them – ASTM International and the International Play Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IPEMA) – have certified artificial grasses for safe playground use, as long as they are installed with a shock-absorbing layer. The reasoning is because artificial grasses are better able to prevent head injuries, compared to the average playground surface. For rough-and-tumble kids, that may be an important safety feature.

2) Synthetic Turf is Free of Heavy Metals

Modern artificial grasses are tested for lead and heavy metal content, as turfs made in the U.S. are required to be free of both. Today, it Is well-known that heavy metal exposure can lead to a number of health problems. Since turf was initially introduced decades ago, manufacturers have developed safer turf products. Today’s turfs are safer than ever for children and pets, and manufacturers are always working on the next step in turf safety – including integrating natural materials into artificial grasses like soybean oil and crushed nut shells.

3) Artificial Turf is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Artificial grass is prized for its low-maintenance design – always a plus when energetic children and dogs are involved.

Turf obviously doesn’t require water to grow, nor does it need any kind of regular lawn maintenance, such as mowing, edging or weeding. It doesn’t need to be fertilized and it doesn’t require pesticides – so kids and pets are exposed to fewer chemicals. Property owners also save money on lawn care equipment and materials.

All artificial grass needs is the occasional rinse to freshen it up and wash away any dirt. On hot summer days, a quick rinse will also cool down the turf and make it suitable for physical play. To ensure your synthetic grass lasts as long as possible and always looks its best, an occasional brooming is also recommended. This helps align the turf blades and ensures they wear evenly.

4) Synthetic Grass is Pest and Allergen Free

Before artificial grass is installed, the existing topsoil is removed. This is important, as it allows the turf installer to grade and shape the project site and ensure there is sufficient drainage. Removing the topsoil also removes any weeds and pests, along with the allergies they cause for many children and pets.

Synthetic grass installers will place a weed barrier first, before overlaying the turf on top. This prevents weeds from growing back through the turf and keeps the yard clear of unwanted vegetation.

In the process of removing the topsoil, insects like mosquitoes, flies, wasps and cockroaches are also removed from the property. This can be comforting for families who have children with allergies – especially allergies to stinging insects like bees and wasps.

5) Artificial Grass Can Be Used Anywhere

Synthetic turf is far more versatile than natural grass and can be installed anywhere kids and dogs need a green space. For example, you may see turf installed in the following places:

In summary, artificial grasses can be shaped for any installation, no matter its size or scale. From sprawling urban parks to balconies barely big enough for a toy poodle, turf can be used virtually anywhere.

Artificial Grass is Ideal for Children and Pets When Installed by an Experienced Turf Company In The Woodlands

Synthetic grass is a popular play surface for children and pets as it protects against impact injuries, it is easy to maintain and clean, it is pest and allergen-free, and it can be installed on nearly any property.

Artificial turf is also cost efficient, but only if it’s installed by an expert crew. When installed by the turf professionals, synthetic grasses last 10 years or more. In the vast majority of cases, property owners recoup their investment well before then. However, a lot can go wrong during a turf project if it’s not expertly managed. For example:

  • The project site may not be properly graded
  • Existing vegetation may not be sufficiently removed
  • Low quality turf, underlayment, and filler materials may be inadvertently used
  • The turf may not be cut, shaped, seamed or anchored properly

These mistakes are expensive to correct and can reduce the long-term value of your artificial grass. To ensure these issues don’t occur, parents and pet owners trust their artificial grass installation to expert turf installers. With high quality materials and processes, professional turf installers can provide an ideal green surface for children and pets.